Friday, 16 January 2009

Uk coarse fishing records

This post gives you the most recent coarse fishing records. In time I will add capture and species specific pictures and details if available. Please allow for records to change, but they are known to be correct as of 19th January 09. If you have details of new UK coarse fishing records or you have broken the UK coarse fishing records please get in touch.

UK Coarse Fishing Records

  • UK coarse fishing record: Barbel

  • Record weight: 21lb 1oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Bleak

  • Record weight: 4oz 9drm

  • UK coarse fishing record: Bream

  • Record weight: 19lb 10oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Catfish

  • Record weight: 62lb

  • UK coarse fishing record: Chub

  • Record weight: 9lb 5oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Carp

  • Record weight: 67lb

  • UK coarse fishing record: Crucian Carp

  • Record weight: 4lb 9oz 9drm

  • UK coarse fishing record: Dace

  • Record weight: 1lb 5oz 2dram

  • UK coarse fishing record: Eel

  • Record weight: 11lb 2oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Gudgeon

  • Record weight: 5oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Orfe

  • Record weight: 8lb 5oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Perch

  • Record weight: 5lb 15oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Pike

  • Record weight: 46lb 13oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Roach

  • Record weight: 4lb 4oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Rudd

  • Record weight: 4lb 10oz

  • UK coarse fishing record: Ruffe

  • Record weight: 5oz 4drms

  • UK coarse fishing record: Tench

  • Record weight: 15lb 3oz 6dram

  • UK coarse fishing record: Zander

  • Record weight: 21lb 5oz

What's your biggest Uk coarse fish?

My biggest UK coarse fish still stands 10-12 years after capture! It was a 23lb 12oz Mirror Carp caught from Claverhambury Carp lake and I landed it on a 2.1lb hook-length and a 20 hook! Since then, I have banked numerous decent fish but never bettered the old Carp! One fish that does stick in my head, for reasons that will soon become apparent, was the biggest of a trio of big Roach caught on a club match many years ago. We fished the river Ouzel in Milton Keynes and it was chocolate coloured and pushing through like a steam train. No point trying to float fish it, heavy feeder + big bait and hope for the best! Well, the best to that idea came in the form of a 1lb 8oz Chub caught on a piece of Cheese. In fact, the only other fish I could muster on the tip was a decent Perch of around the 1lb mark. By this time it was almost mid afternoon! The Ouzel is fairly narrow and fast flowing, not a venue that you would set your pole up, usually. On the opposite bank was an over-hanging tree that offered a break from the flow and also a bit of protection for the Chub, or so I imagined. The only thing was going to be the accuracy needed to place a bait in such a tight spot with such an unforgiving background. Bare winter tree! It had to be the pole, 7-8 inches of line from tip to float and double Caster for hookbait. I managed to maneouvre my float in position and waited as it sat motionless, inches away from the main current. I didn't have to wait for long. The double Caster was snapped up by something that wanted to give me a closer look at the underside of the tree! However, I was prepared for that and used 3lb equivelant hooklength. I bit of gentle coaxing soon brought the fish into the main flow where it started to give quite a good account for itself! Not good enough though. As I guided it toward the net I saw red fins! No way is that a Roach, I said to myself. I only ever catch Bream that big! This fish was the biggest of the trio. The following fish weighed: 1lb 10oz + 1lb 4oz. The biggest fish weighed, 1lb 15oz 8drm!!!!!! I couldn't believe that he wouldn't give me the 8drm!

Your biggest fish stories here please......

Where's fishing well?

Well, I'm afraid that's one question I wouldn't be able to answer, honestly. I haven't managed to reach the bank since before Xmas 08! Mind you, for how cold it's been, and also how poorly the ol' grandads been doing of late, I haven't really been missing much!

I'm sure that most of you have still been getting out though? Let us know where's fishing well if you have been brave enough for the weather??