Friday, 16 January 2009

What's your biggest Uk coarse fish?

My biggest UK coarse fish still stands 10-12 years after capture! It was a 23lb 12oz Mirror Carp caught from Claverhambury Carp lake and I landed it on a 2.1lb hook-length and a 20 hook! Since then, I have banked numerous decent fish but never bettered the old Carp! One fish that does stick in my head, for reasons that will soon become apparent, was the biggest of a trio of big Roach caught on a club match many years ago. We fished the river Ouzel in Milton Keynes and it was chocolate coloured and pushing through like a steam train. No point trying to float fish it, heavy feeder + big bait and hope for the best! Well, the best to that idea came in the form of a 1lb 8oz Chub caught on a piece of Cheese. In fact, the only other fish I could muster on the tip was a decent Perch of around the 1lb mark. By this time it was almost mid afternoon! The Ouzel is fairly narrow and fast flowing, not a venue that you would set your pole up, usually. On the opposite bank was an over-hanging tree that offered a break from the flow and also a bit of protection for the Chub, or so I imagined. The only thing was going to be the accuracy needed to place a bait in such a tight spot with such an unforgiving background. Bare winter tree! It had to be the pole, 7-8 inches of line from tip to float and double Caster for hookbait. I managed to maneouvre my float in position and waited as it sat motionless, inches away from the main current. I didn't have to wait for long. The double Caster was snapped up by something that wanted to give me a closer look at the underside of the tree! However, I was prepared for that and used 3lb equivelant hooklength. I bit of gentle coaxing soon brought the fish into the main flow where it started to give quite a good account for itself! Not good enough though. As I guided it toward the net I saw red fins! No way is that a Roach, I said to myself. I only ever catch Bream that big! This fish was the biggest of the trio. The following fish weighed: 1lb 10oz + 1lb 4oz. The biggest fish weighed, 1lb 15oz 8drm!!!!!! I couldn't believe that he wouldn't give me the 8drm!

Your biggest fish stories here please......

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  1. He wouldn't give you the 8drm to give you the magical 2lb Roach? Sorry, I'd have chucked him in! This blog is about the best UK coarse fishing website I have found. Nice one. I will be back soon.
    p.s Name the fella that stole your 2lb Roach?!