Friday, 16 January 2009

Your Favourite UK Coarse Fishing Canal?

My favourite canal is withoubt doubt, the Grand Union Canal. Again, I've never done particularly well there, on any occasion, but have fished so many stretches on so many different occasions that I guess I was kind of brought up on it. I used to have a 3m whip, little pole rig with an Olivette and bag about 3-4lb of Gudgeon. I remember my first pole section break at Bullbeggars lane on the Grand Union Canal, wind + trolley = Broken 3rd section! Ouch! Pole's never original after that...

My Grandad used to take me to a stretch of the Grand Union Canal up by Hangar Lane and that's where he first taught me about liquidised bread and punch! I used to love getting Roach and the occasional Skimmer using my old non-elasticated pole! While I'm talking about liquidised bread/punch, you should try it on your local commercial. I have lost count of the amount of times it's gotten me out of trouble when even maggot wont buy you a bite! If the big boys are feeding, step up the size. If it's rock hard, try small pieces of Bread punch and the odd ball of liquidised bread on the pole or small feeder. It works a treat. It's cheap aswell!

So yes, the Grand Union is definitely my favourite canal.

What is your favourite canal and why??

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